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When you are searching “Frame Straightening Chandler” our expert team at T&S Body Works has the right tools and knowledge to straighten your vehicle’s frame. Most of the time we hear from clients wanting to know if they need frame straightening for their vehicles after a collision or how the process works. To help our valued customers understand the need and process of the service we have written this article on how our auto body frame straightening process works and the value of having it done on your vehicle after a collision.

Can you explain frame straightening?

A lot of accidents result in superficial damage where body panels can be repaired or replaced fairly easily.  However with higher speed impacts or severe collisions the frame of the vehicle on which everything is bolted and installed can be bent. When the frame is out of shape it can make the vehicle track improperly, be unsafe, and tires wear unevenly.  About half of all collision repair involves straightening the frame of the vehicle, which makes having the right equipment and training absolutely imperative to quality collision repair.

The frame is a rigid element and much like the spine of your vehicle. It is made in a very specific shape by the auto manufacture for each make and model of vehicle.  When a collision in serious enough to bend the frame it means that the vehicle may not work the way it should, and could be unsafe to drive.  Our frame straightening equipment is incredibly precise and will be able to pull and push the frame back into the OEM shape that your manufacturer intended.

With T&S Body Works we combined the best frame straightening equipment with industry-leading laser measuring to ensure that the frame is returned accurately to the original shape that was intended. When you pair up the best equipment, technicians, and uncompromising dedication to customer service you get the best frame straightening service possible.

Do I Need my Frame Straightened?

A lot of people wonder if they will need their frame straightened after a collision.  Depending on where the impact of the collision happened the frame can be bent, even at lower speeds. There is an explanation for why modern vehicles are easier to damage.

Vehicles built during or before the 1980’s were incredibly rigid and unforgiving in the event of a collision.  While the vehicles did experience less damage the occupants paid dearly during accidents. During the last 20 years or so vehicles have been designed and built with crumple zones. A crumple zone is the inclusion of materials in the design of the vehicle which are engineered to dissipate the energy of a collision to minimize injuries to vehicle occupants.

These crumple zones save lives and help cut down on the severity of injuries but do mean that vehicles incur more damage during collisions. Many drivers don’t imagine that their accident was enough to need repair or frame straightening, but these vehicles should still be checked to be sure. There can be hidden damage that translates to hundreds or even thousands of damage that you might not be able to see with the naked eye.

Following a vehicle collision it is common to wonder if your vehicle will ever be the same.  If you have recently been involved in a collision, even one at low speed, give us a call to schedule inspection, repair, or just to get your questions answered. We have the right tools, training, and professional technicians to get your vehicle back in shape.  We warranty our work and stand proudly behind each and every frame straightening or collision repair.

Frame Straightening Services Near Chandler, Arizona

If you live or work near the Chandler area and have been in a automotive collision your vehicle might need frame straightening.  Call us and we can help you make good decisions about the repair of your vehicle, your safety, and make the process simple and easy.

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When you are searching "Frame Straightening Chandler" our expert team at T&S Body Works has the right tools and knowledge to straighten your vehicle's frame.