Types Of Automotive Damage And Repairs

Types Of Automotive Damage And Repairs Tempe, AZ

Being the primary form of transport for American businesses and families our vehicles live some pretty rough lives. While they are on the road and parked they are subjected to various kinds of damage. Just about everyone knows the dangers of large parking lots and the dreaded door dings. It’s not just the rouge shopping cart that causes damage but the elements themselves. The sun, sand, and wind in Arizona wears at the surface of vehicles.

Damage From Collision

Auto collisions are just a fact of life. Whether its driver or mechanical failure even a collision at a lower rate of speed can cause significant damage. Crumple zones are partly responsible for the seemingly extensive damage at low speed collisions. Yet these are the safety features that have drastically improved the safety of our vehicles in recent decades.

Collision damage can affect body panels, steering, brakes, and just about every system in our vehicles. In addition the frame can be bent. Modern body shops have computer assisted machines that can help bend the frame back into the shape. The rest of the vehicles parts and panels can be replaced and your vehicle can be like new.

Damage From Weather

In Phoenix the intense sun and presence of sand and dust from the desert fades and wears on our paint jobs. Most of our vehicles spend the majority of their time driving in these elements or parked outside. Even excessive moisture can cause vehicles to rust. Areas that show wear or degradation can be treated by sanding and repainting. In extreme cases the affected areas can be cut out and entirely replaced and painted to match. Hail damage is a real threat in many parts of the country. It can cause extensive pitting and costly damage.

Dents And Dings

That rouge shopping cart or careless doors opening running into our vehicles are probably the most common causes of dents and dings in our vehicles. Whatever the cause of the damage, there are various ways it can be fixed. Paintless dent removal is one way that it can be fixed. This is done by tapping the dent out from the back side of the panel. Larger dents may be fixed in a couple of ways. If the dent isn’t too big a tech can drill a hole, insert a tool, and pull the dent out. Then the drilled hole is filled and the area is spot painted. If the damage is too extensive it might require the whole panel be replaced.

Scratches In The Paint

It’s pretty easy for the paint of a vehicle to get scratched. Careless people in parking lots can walk by and rings can rub against the paint and scratch it. Even just reaching for your door handle and rubbing our own rings against the body can cause a bunch of scratches. If the scratch is small enough it can be fixed by simply rubbing it out or using a good wax. If the scratch is deep enough it will require professional repair and exact color matching.


Tempe Collision Repair Center

If you’ve been involved in a collision and need help getting your car fixed and dealing with insurance companies T&S Body Works is the place to go. Get in touch with our collision repair specialists and we can help get your car fixed and back on the road.


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