If you are searching for “Auto Body Repair Scottsdale” you’ve probably been involved in an auto accident and are now looking for a body shop that repairs collision damage. T&S Body Works is a collision repair shop near Scottsdale, Arizona that specializes in the repairing vehicles that have been involved in auto accidents.

T&S Body Works has been a family owned and operated auto body repair center that has been serving residents from Scottsdale and the rest of the Phoenix valley since 1986 . We pride ourselves on the highest degree of customer satisfaction through exceptional auto body repairs. We strive to create satisfied customers from every single job that comes in and out of our doors.

We can handle all of your auto collision repairs no matter how major or minor your collision damage is. Our state-of-the-art repair facility is set up to handle body repair of all brands of vehicles including: Buick, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Cadillac, GMC, Saturn, Hummer, Honda, Hyundai, and many more. Quality collision repair services start with a detailed damage inspection and is repaired with highly accurate repair equipment. With the best repair technicians, best tools, and a wealth of experience you can “Expect the best with T&S”.  To schedule collision repair services for your vehicle give us a call today at 480-491-9100 or swing by our collision repair center in Scottsdale.


Peace Of Mind From Detailed Inspections & Repairs

Quality auto body repair service starts with experienced repair technicians conducting a detailed inspection of the damaged vehicle. This helps ensure that all of the damaged areas get replaced. Certain types of damage take a trained and patient eye to catch. We are dedicated to finding all of the damage to repair the vehicle correctly and ensure your safety on the road. Our comprehensive approach to collision repair means that all of the elements of your vehicle will be repaired to like new condition. Your frame, steering, suspension, brakes & brake lines along with every other component of your vehicle will be inspected and repaired so that you will have 100% confidence in your vehicle after repair. Not only will you feel safe driving the vehicle but quality repair helps the vehicle retain more of the pre-collision equity and value.

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Collision Repair Starts With Examination Of The Vehicle

Each collision repair at T&S Body Works starts with a detailed examination of the vehicle’s collision damage. Every part, panel and section of the vehicle that was involved in the collision accident is examined and a detailed list of damage is cataloged. The results of the examination help develop the overall collision repair plan that returns your vehicle to pre-collision condition, helps maintain value, and ensures the safety of the vehicle for you and your family.

After the examination of your vehicle is complete and the repair plan is done you will be presented with  a comprehensive yet easy to read repair plan and estimate. All of the damage will be listed along with the parts needed to repair your vehicle and the labor necessary to return your vehicle to its pre-collision condition.

T&S Body Works can help you with all of your collision repair jobs including auto body repair, new paint application, and collision repair for your damaged vehicle. Get the work done right the first time, save time, and save money by using the trusted name in Scottsdale collision repair.

Structural Damage

We repair frame and structural damage with the most accurate repair equipment.

Necessary Parts

All required replacement parts will be ordered and installed to ensure all systems work.

Detailed Finish Work

The final coat and finish of the body work will include quality sanding, priming, and painting.




Vehicle Intake

First get directions from Scottsdale to T&S Body Works. Once you arrive at our body shop you will be greeted and receive a form to fill out that will help get the process started. It is used to help make sure the right individual and right collision estimate are put together.

Vehicle Damage Inspection

One of our highly trained and experienced collision specialists will go over your vehicle to document all damage that occurred during the collision. Using state of the art software the damage is recorded to help get the most accurate estimate possible. Your collision specialist will be able to help you with any questions you might have about the insurance side of your collision repair.

Collision Estimates & Insurance

Once the collision damage has been detailed you will be presented with a repair estimate and our staff will help with getting repair authorization from your insurance company. Depending on the severity of the damage you will be given a date where your vehicle can be brought to start the collision repairs.

Vehicle Drop Off & Rental Cars

On the day that you drop off your vehicle for the repairs we will be able to help you get into a rental vehicle to keep you on the road and help you get around. During the repair process your adviser will keep you informed of the progress in the repair process.

Collision Repair Timeline

After our collision repair specialists have your vehicle the process begins. This starts with disassembling the vehicle. All damaged parts are removed and if hidden damage is found, both you and your insurance company is notified. Next the frame is checked and returned to perfect pre-collision condition. Any damage to sheet metal is fixed or panels are replaced, and then painted to match the exact factory color of your vehicle. Finally the vehicle is completely reassembled to original manufacturer specifications.

Internal Repair Process

  • Disassembly
  • Frame Straightening
  • Repair Of Sheet Metal
  • Factory Painting
  • Reassembly
Quality Control

Before the vehicle is returned to you an inspection of the vehicle is done to ensure that all systems work correctly, and all surfaces are like factory new. The vehicle is detailed and cleaned to be free of broken glass or any signs of the collision, or repair process.

Return Of Your Vehicle

Once all of our steps have been completed and your vehicle is road ready and repaired our team will contact you and let you know it is ready. You will be presented with your repaired vehicle and you will be given a walk around and a description of the repairs done will be offered to you. Any further follow up directions will be discussed at this time and you will be able to ask any further questions you might have.

Collision Repair Process

After a collision the repair process can be confusing and stressful for a lot of people. Why it seems to take so long, why it can be costly, and even how it is done can seem a mystery.  Even if you have had body work in the past you probably didn’t stand around for hours watching how the work was done. Most of us imagine a technician slamming away with a hammer pound the dents out of our vehicles body panels. While that might be true for a few decades ago the modern body shop has become more complex, and more advanced.

A lot of people are just happy the car is back to looking like new and the damage is gone. However understanding the process helps understand how long it should take and what all happens to your vehicle when you have damage that needs to be repaired. Knowing what is going on also helps us understand the costs involved in repairing the vehicle.

Understanding can be gained by reading through the following information on the process for collision repair. There are seven phases of the collision repair process.

You don’t know the full extent of the damage or how much it will cost without an inspection that is conducted by the collision repair center’s estimator. Photos are taken, and a detailed documentation is kept and sent on to the insurance company and provided to the customer. If the damage is not covered by the insurance company the damage report is simply given to the vehicle owner. While every effort is taken to catch everything during these inspections there are times where damage is not discovered until after the vehicle is disassembled.

Once the parts have arrived at the collision repair shop the vehicle is disassembled to reach the point where the vehicle has not been damaged. At this point the frame is evaluated by an electronic measuring system to ensure that it is in factory specifications. Frame straightening machines are used to make sure the car is structurally sound and straight. Next any wheel alignment or suspension repairs are made, if needed. Body work is only done after the structural and mechanical issues are completely resolved. Body repair comes next to replace panels or remove dents and get the car ready for priming and paint.

Once all of the painting has been doing the rest of the car can be reassembled. This includes any hoses, electrical wiring, airbag control systems and other components that were removed for repairs. Moldings around windows and doors are also reinstalled or replaced at this point over many of the painted surfaces. Next a collision repair specialist will drive the car to make sure the electrical system, locks, doors, and windows are working properly.

When you come to pick up your vehicle after collision repair all of the work that was done should be clearly explained by the representative that you come to pick up your vehicle from. All expenses should be discussed and there should be an itemized list of all parts and repairs that were necessary to make the vehicle “like new” again. Customers are giving the opportunity to fully inspect the vehicle before signing off on the repairs and accepting the keys to the vehicle.

This is the point in the collision repair process that the insurance company can request a disassembly or full tear down to fully determine if it is cost effective to repair the vehicle. Parts or repairs are not done until both the insurance company and the insured vehicle owner approves the repairs. Final authorization is always up to the vehicle owner, but if insurance is needed to repair the vehicle the approval must also come from the insurance company. If the vehicle is still operable the parts will be ordered and the appointment will be made for a future date.

The body of the vehicle is carefully prepared so that the paint goes on right and sticks to the body right and has that perfectly smooth look. This is done by sanding any rough spots that were damaged and repaired and then applying primer to the areas. Next the base coat or color is applied to the vehicle, which is followed up with a clear coat to give the car that beautiful shine and protect the base coat color. Next the vehicle is cured with time and heat to make the paint dry and solid.

Part of getting your vehicle back from a collision center is getting it back clean. This doesn’t just mean that the exterior that has just been painted gets a polishing, buff, and maybe some wax. It means that the interior of the car has been vacuumed out and cleaned. Any glass remaining in the vehicle from a collision is a painful reminder and a potential hazard if you go reaching under your seats. All lights and signals are tested to ensure that the vehicle is ready and conforming to legally necessary automotive equipment. Once a vehicle can pass all tests the customer is called to let them know their vehicle is ready for pick up.


When it comes to collision repair, we don’t like surprises and neither should you. In the event that hidden damage is uncovered during the repair process, you will be contacted and fully informed of any additional charges that might be necessary before we proceed with the repair. Any additional damages found can also be coordinated with your insurance company.  Our collision repair center is located in Tempe, AZ, but serves the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, & Chandler areas with Auto Body Repair services as well.

AUTO BODY REPAIR REVIEW: “Hands down top notch service and quality work, the owner is very involved and works with you along the way great experience, conversation and like I said top notch workmanship. .. I highly recommend this place for the person who is a little OCD and want perfection!” James R.

AUTO BODY REPAIR REVIEW: “Jason and the rest of the team did a great job with my Jeep! I had two claims for two different areas of damage that needed to be repaired and there were no problems with coordinating the two. I never waited more than 10-15 minutes while in the office which was perfect. The communication was great and for the amount of work they did it was a surprisingly quick turn- around! My Jeep looks great and I couldn’t be happier!!” Kelley M.

Collision Repair Shop Tempe, AZ

Is your crashed automobile non-drivable? Don’t worry we can arrange for the pickup of your vehicle. We also work very closely with rental car agencies and can help you make the transition to a replacement automobile while your vehicle is being repaired. To schedule your collision repair in Scottsdale, give us a call today at 480-491-9100 or stop by our collision center in Tempe.

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If you are searching for “Auto Body Repair Scottsdale” you’ve probably been involved in an auto accident and are now looking for a body shop that repairs collision damage.