Auto Body Repair Costs 2017

Auto Body Repair Costs 2017

Auto Body Repair Costs - Infographic

In the event you’ve ever dented a bumper, or gotten deep paint scratches or damaged your vehicle in another way, you could have been shocked to find the average repair costs of auto body work can range from $50 to over $1,500 in 2016.

Today’s cars have gotten lighter, improved gas mileage, and safer. But, the new technology used by manufactures have also increased the price of auto body repairs.

Auto Body Repair Costs

Below we will go over five of the more common situations that result in auto body repairs being done. This will allow you to better understand what car insurance coverage you need to have in place prior it happening.

Auto Body Repair Costs 2016

  1. Dented Bumper Repair Cost

Imagine you’re pulling out of your parking spot at the store, when suddenly when what you were thinking was a puddle is actually an ice patch. At that point, your brakes become useless, and like a skater on ice, your car starts turning, and glides right into a pole. This leaves your bumper scratched up and dented, and maybe a little embarrassment on your behalf.

It can cost about $450 to repair a bumper, or $900 and up for a replacement.

The expenses for repairing or replacing bumpers on modern vehicles is higher due to them being part of the entire complex system technicians must go through. Lights have to be disconnected, along with air bag deployment alerts, warning systems, tri, and possibly cameras. Only then can they start repairing the bumper, and if repairs aren’t possible, they have to get a new one, prepare it and paint it, then install it and reconnect everything.

Car insurance coverage: When you went to purchase the insurance plan, if you included collision coverage then your repairs would be taken care of, subject to the deductible amount. Additionally, if you hit a telephone pole, that would be covered under liability which the law states you must have. Keep in mind that your insurance doesn’t pay until you’ve reached the deductible amount. This means, if your repair costs are $450 while your deductible is $500, it wouldn’t make sense to make a claim. Also, if the repair costs are $600, it may be best to pay out of pocket, instead of opening a claim for $100 which could lead to increased insurance rates.

  1. Deep Paint Scratches Repair Cost

Imagine having fun at a ball game, your team won and your excited. However, someone from the losing team was not as cheerful and did not like your flags, the bumper sticker and various fan décor on your vehicle. When you get to your car, you find choice words scratched in the paint.

Cost of repairing extensive paint damages can range between $50 to more than $1,500.

If you are able to accept less than perfect paint repairs, there are touch up pens that cost less than $50 that allow you to hide the scratches, to a point. However, if you would like a professional paint repair, with no signs of the damage you can expect costs to skyrocket to $800 – $1,500 or more for deep scratches. But, why is it so expensive? The reason is, depending on your car the whole part could need to be replaced due to deep scratches. Additionally, auto paint is not cheap, and can cost $50 – $300, just for 2oz. Then, it can be a challenge to match the exact color of your paint.

Car insurance coverage: If your insurance plan includes comprehensive coverage, you have the ability to file a claim of vandalism, it is subject to your deductible. This is an optional coverage, you are going to need to check your policy if you’re unsure if it was added, and if you don’t you may want to consider adding it. When it comes to claims of vandalism, it is often required that a police report is filed too. This means, whether you are at the park or home when the damage is noticed, you should report it to the police and have them document exactly what happened. There are now cities that allow you to easily file this kind of report online through the local police department website.

  1. Cracked Windshield Repair Cost

Imagine flying down the highway in your sports car, suddenly you are stuck behind a big truck. You attempt to pass, but before you can the large tires throw debris at your windshield and it cracks.

For the cost to repair a cracked windshield, you can expect to pay $200 – $300, this is the average.

A windshield repair or replacement cost will vary based on your car’s make and model, but the crack size will also be a determining factor. The smaller a crack, the less expensive to repair and can often be less than $100. Extensive cracking or pitting usually results in replacement.

Car insurance coverage: If you’re insurance plan includes comprehensive coverage, and if you live in South Carolina, Florida or Kentucky, you will not be required to pay a deductible. These three states, and some others require insurance companies to cover windshields at no cost. If you do decide to have it repaired, most insurers often wave the deductible for the small, yet important fix. Plus, it helps prevent additional damage that can result in a more expensive replacement.

  1. Suspension Damage Repair Cost

Imagine being on your way to work while balancing your food and coffee when you suddenly run into an unexpected pothole. You get burned, and your vehicle’s suspension gets damaged.

Repairing a damaged suspension from a pothole costs on average, $300.

The repair of a suspension can require a range of replacements, from swapping out the shock absorber yourself for around $200, to needing a full suspension replacement that can cost $5,000, or your situation may be in the middle. The amount of damage will be the main factor in the overall cost of repairs, followed by the make, model and even year of the car. Additionally, your ability in auto repairs could become a factor as well.

Car insurance coverage: In order to avoid the potential of high expenses, you should add collision insurance, along with personal injury and medical coverage for covering coffee burns.

However, if you did not have collision coverage, you may be able to look into making a claim against the local or state agency responsible for repairing the roadways. In the event a pothole has been there a while, and the entity is aware, you could might have a case to open a claim. In the event the damages are severe enough, you may have the option of filing for a lawsuit to cover damages and taking the approach of the court system.

  1. Rear End Damage Repair Cost

Imagine driving along when a cute animal darts out in front of you, naturally you hit your brakes. Then, the driver that was a little to close, slams right into your rear end. Because his bumper is so large, instead of hitting your bumper it crashes into the body of your car. The cute animal makes it out just fine, but now your shoulder and neck are severely hurting.

Now, if you are wondering how much rear end damage can cost to repair, it’s expensive.

The average cost of rear end damage is hard to calculate due to the range, which can be just a few hundred dollars if it’s a small bumper repair, or over $10,000 if it caused major damage to the frame. On top of the damage costs, there are medical expenses. The average cost associated with whiplash claims is $9,900.

Car insurance coverage If the other driver has insurance, liability coverage should have your back for the vehicle repairs. Additionally, it should help in compensating you for any medical bills, lost time at work, or other damages suffered from the accident.

However, if the other driver has insufficient coverage, or worse no insurance at all, the medical claim should be covered by your own insurer, if you have the optional underinsured/uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage added. Meanwhile, for the vehicle damages, your insurance plan would need to have uninsured motorist property damage coverage, or collision coverage, which would cover it no matter who was at fault.

The potential auto body repair costs are just a single reason having insurance is important. You should always compare auto insurance plans to ensure you get the coverage needed at the best possible price.

Professional Auto Body Repair

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